Lily Douce

First Impressions

It´s fairly awesome to see that Lily Douce is really into fetish style content as opposed to being like all the other solo girls online. Instead she likes pantyhose, spandex, lesbian sex, foot fun and more. The color choices on her tour aren´t great, in particular the background color and text color. I had to lean in real close to be able to read it. I liked what I saw though and I love all the dirty stuff she promises to do. None of it would be worth a damn if she didn´t have a great body and a pretty face but you´re in luck because she has both of those things.

Hot Promises

In her introductory paragraph Lily Douce promises you all manner of wonderful things. She says that her site is dedicated to nylon, pantyhose, spandex, shoes and all kinds of kinky fantasies. Then she goes on to promise content like foot play, watersports (that´s pissing for the uninitiated), spanking, outdoor action, footjobs and blowjobs. The preview content she has up doesn´t indicate any guy-girl action so that part of the tour might be a lie. At the very least you´ll be awash in pantyhose and spandex porn starring this lovely lady and it looks like there´s a fair amount of girl-girl action too.


Lily Douce has a message welcoming you to her site and in it she invites you to follow her on Twitter, friend her on Facebook and join her at a facesitting community site. She must be into facesitting! You can also email her and since the site is still getting fresh updates I would assume her line about wanting to get to know her members isn´t bullshit. She´ll probably respond. The latest pictures and videos are featured on the main page and she is currently adding something new once a week. You can also preview the next set to be added so you know if it´s a movie or a picture gallery.

It´s hard to know how often she does webcam shows. At the moment the only semblance of a schedule has her latest show as being two weeks ago. Her cam profile says she last logged in three weeks ago. Just to be safe you should assume that you won´t be seeing much of Lily Douce on her webcam. Don´t join because you´re looking to be entertained in live shows.

All the way at the bottom of the member´s main page are the six top rated picture sets. At the top of the list is a gallery with Lily in a pink mesh teddy and wool thigh high socks. The small-breasted hottie looks awfully good in it so I can understand why it made it to the top of the list. It´s also a little bit kinky in that she puts on a gas mask in the latter half while she´s showing off her nude tits and pussy.

There are 59 picture galleries in the Lily Douce collection and if you visited the tour then you know she doesn´t do things like a typical young model. Instead she prefers to venture into fetish action. Because of that I wish the image sets were organized into categories. A page for all the latex sets and another page for all the pantyhose sets would have been smart. Instead they just list them by the date they´re added. Images are displayed 16 to a page in the galleries and you can pick the size of the thumbnails. If you click a thumb you´re taken to a 900px picture. Click on that picture and you get a 3000px version. It´s an inelegant solution to get to the high resolution shots.

Nylon is the primary fetish that Lily Douce gets off on and it´s represented in the form of pantyhose most of the time. She does more than just wear pantyhose though. In one gallery she makes a complete cocoon, wrapping her body entirely in nylon. In others she tears the hose. She wears all different kinds from those that are so sheer you almost can´t seem them to the shiny types. You´ll also get plenty of spandex. There are a few sets where it looks like she´s in a workout video from the 80s. There are a few sets with light bondage and a few others where she´s in latex to look a little bit kinky and naughty.

This is primarily a pantyhose fetish site but to describe it in such a simple way takes away some of the unique nature of the content she has produced. Lily Douce takes her love of pantyhose to an artistic level. She´s creating beautiful artistic works for you and it´s really rather stunning for fans of the genre. It´s so much better than a lot of the other pantyhose content I´ve seen. The fact that she has a long and lean body like a supermodel is helpful too.

I was impressed with her collection of 42 videos. They can be downloaded in HD at 1280x720 and they come in AVI, MOV and WMV. There´s an iPod-ready version as well. You can stream the movies in a Flash player or use the WMV player if you´re nuts. I was most impressed with the fact that most of the videos aren´t just filmed versions of her photo shoots. She takes the time to make separate sexy sets where she´s looking right at you and entertaining with her amazing body (you´d be surprised how many girls don´t do this).

I watched a truly breathtaking video where she was posing in shiny gray pantyhose and a workout spandex bathing suit type thing. She was shaking her ass back and forth and everything was shiny, tight and beyond sexy. She had a dildo too so she stripped and fucked her pussy with it and it was breathtaking stuff.

The lesbian content at Lily Douce is rather fantastic too. You´ll find it in the picture galleries and videos and you´ll be aroused at how comfortable the girls are with each other and how naughty they behave. There´s pussy eating and fingering and when you find two hot chicks in pantyhose doing stuff like that you have to tune in and get your rocks off. There were also a couple scenes where she gives a guy a pantyhose footjob and obviously those look stunning.

There are three bonus sites that all fit into the same fetish style of content that Lily Douce creates. Kinky Zee is another babe that loves spandex, pantyhose and shiny outfits just like Lily. Bound Milfs features sexy older babes tied up in impossibly tight ropes. Toxxxy is mostly a picture site where the girl does some seriously weird and wonderful stuff that pushes the boundaries of pornographic art.

Croco´s Opinion

Lily Douce is a fantastic site for anyone with a pantyhose fetish. That´s mostly true if you like spandex as well. Those are the two things she loves more than anything (based on the content she has produced, at least) and she does pictures and videos exceptionally well. She has a stunning body and it´s the perfect canvas for the art of beautiful fetish porn. She has a wealth of pantyhose and spandex outfits to try on for you and she frequently penetrates her pussy or licks the snatch of another babe to ensure that her site is always interesting. Just about everything is well done and there´s more than enough content to keep you happy so it´s a good value for horny pantyhose loving guys out there.


Everything is easy to find in the member´s area. She should list more than 16 thumbs per page in the picture galleries and she should have more information about the movies but those are minor issues.

Pricing Policy

It´s $29.98 for 30 days recurring; $39.77 for 30 days non-recurring; $59.66 for 90 days.

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